Custom Made to Order | AikenKraft

Can’t find it anywhere? Let us get you there!

If you can dream about it….we can make it!

At AikenKraft Wood Creations we do our very best to always say yes to our customer’s ideas. Sometimes it takes a bit of thought, effort and designing, but we can get there. And we love a challenge.

In the past few months we’ve made:

  • A hand-carved figure skating medal hanger
  • Jewelry displays
  • Birdhouses
  • Barn doors
  • Dog gates
  • Golf ball displays
  • Lifesize moose with custom paint jobs
  • Cedar planter boxes and raised garden beds
  • Air conditioner covers
  • Solar battery boxes
  • Tack boxes
  • Towel trees
  • Wedding arrangements and centerpieces
  • And even a bumper for an old truck!

If we haven’t made it…we can…so bring your ideas and your vision and let’s find a creative solution!

Barn Doors – Toronto Condo

Barn doors aren’t just a fad…they are a trend that continues to build.

Bird House – Purple Martin

This is a 3-tier bird house designed specifically to attract and feed Purple Martins.

Jewelry Display

This unique jewelry display was constructed for the client from walnut and pine.

Figure Skating - Medal Carving and Plaque

This medal hanger was hand-carved and designed to hang dozens of medals.

Gates Custom – Dog - Newmarket

These dog gates were custom made and fitted to close and lock with a sliding mechanism.

Golf Ball Display

This solid maple golf ball display is designed to hold 49 golf balls.

Moose – Canada Flag 1

This custom designed and painted moose was the first of many for us.

Moose – Canada Flag 2

This custom designed and painted moose found its home in Ontario’s cottage country.

Moose – Canada Flag 3 Montessori

This custom designed and painted moose found its home on the front lawn of a local Montessori school.

Moose – Canada Flag 4

The Canada Flag moose is a bold variation on our original design featured at the entrance to AikenKraft Wood Creations.

Moose – Native Canadian

This custom designed and painted moose found its home in Mount Albert, Ontario.

Moose – Pink Lakefront Hideaway Resort

The pink moose features a hand-painted logo using exterior grade paints.

Air Conditioner Covers

This customer was tired of replacing their air conditioner covers so they decided to construct something a little more durable.

Planter Box – Ground Mount

This planter box has three sections and features a trellis on the back side.

Raised Garden Planters - Cedar

These cedar planters are perfect for the gardening enthusiast who is less than enthusiastic about kneeling on the ground.

Box – Solar Battery

This box was designed to contain a battery bank for a residential solar system.

Tack Box

We design and build tack boxes of all sizes and for any function.

Towel Tree – Cedar

Each base and tree is unique and designed to suit the needs of the customer.

Violin Case – Skeleton – Hand Painted

This vintage violin case was in surprisingly good condition.

Wedding Stump Arrangement

We provide decorative pieces for weddings and other special occasions.

Ye Olde Goat Bumper

This was a unique request for us: a wooden bumper for a vintage pick-up truck.