Planter Box – Ground Mount

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This planter box has three sections and features a trellis on the backside.

The perimeter of the box has a generous ledge that can be used for sitting on or kneeling, depending on what kind of gardening you’re doing.

We lined the box with 3 layers of landscape fabric to both contain the soil and allow for proper drainage.

There is interior cross-bracing in the box to ensure the shape remains true even when filled to the brim with soil.

A box of this height is particularly useful in eliminating weed and grass infiltration and deters pests like rabbits from consuming all your hard work.

We can make these boxes any size and from a variety of materials.

We recommend using cedar in these applications but understand not everybody has a budget for this.

Please contact us with your specific project requirements.

We would be pleased to provide a free design and estimate for you.

Dimensions: (feet) 12L x 4W x 2H plus trellis


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