Basement Bathroom Reno - Udora

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This was a unique request for us…can we put a bathroom in our cold cellar?

Sure you can.  All it takes is a little planning and proper insulation.

This was a very tight space so every square inch counted.

We installed and tiled a shower stall at one end.

The sink was wall-mounted and opposite the door.

The toilet was at the opposite end of the shower.

Because the customer didn’t want to install a sump pit we used a macerating system for the toilet wastewater as well as the greywater from the sink and shower.

This allowed us to keep the budget down and the water up and out to the main drain line.

We like a challenge, and working with this quirky space was just that.

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Dimensions (feet):  10L x 3.5W x 8H


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