Playground – Pirate Ship and Pool Deck

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Outdoor spaces are something we specialize in.

Our team features licensed carpenters with a wealth of design and build experience.

This project started with a raised pool deck to abut the customer's above-ground pool.

We constructed the deck flush with the edge of the pool for easy entry and exit from the pool.

We incorporated custom rope railings throughout.

We created generous storage areas beneath the deck with multiple, lockable access points.

This is a perfect place to store bikes and other outdoor seasonal toys, as well as outdoor furniture, etc.

We also included a little play area beneath the deck for any kids who feel like operating a little store or whatever from that location.

Now that there was a place to relax we decided to design and build the perfect pirate ship playground to bring everything together.

There was access to the ship from the pool deck and multiple ways into the pool from the ship including a rope swing and a slide.

The pirate ship is a complex playground with lots of places to discover and hide.

It’s got ladders to climb, rock climbing, rope climbing, and multiple slides.

It’s got a water cannon, a ship's wheel, and spyglass.

It’s got a sandbox and swing set on the ground floor.

It’s got lots of room to run around and hide on the first floor and includes rope bridge access to the pool deck that has lockable gates to restrict access when necessary.

And of course, the second story is an oversized crow’s nest, complete with multiple masts and rope riggings.

Just in case you’re having too much fun we even hung a rescue ring from our boat…safety first!

From start to finish this playground was designed with the users in mind.  We interview the kids (boys aged 6-13) to see how they like to play and have fun.  We do our very best to give them everything they want, keeping in mind the budget the parents have.

It is a true pleasure to see these structures in use upon their completion.

Let us know how you want to have fun and we can make it happen!

Please contact us with your specific project requirements.

We would be pleased to provide a free design and estimate for you.

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