Reindeer – Birch Bark – Small to Large

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$20.00 - $150.00 CAD (each)

Contact us for custom pricing

This is our best seller during the holiday season.

Birchbark reindeer are made in a variety of sizes.

They can be 12 inches tall up to about 48 inches tall and always come with a personality all their own.

We are happy to make family groupings and provide discounted rates for those that are interested in more than one.

All the joints are glued with polyurethane glue to insure these reindeer hold up over time.

Please contact us with your specific project requirements.

We would be pleased to provide a free design and estimate for you.

Dimensions (inches): approximate measurements

Small: 10L x 6W x 12H

Medium:  24L x 16W x 32H

Large:  32L x 20W x 48H


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