Frosty the Snowman

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$25.00 - 45.00 CAD

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Frosty is one of our most popular Christmas decorations.

Each one is fashioned from repurposed wood.  The base and hat brim are typically plywood scraps from our cabinetmaking side of the shop.  The body and head are repurposed barn parts.

They are painted with acrylic paint and decorated with a variety of buttons and things we find at the local thrift store.

They are excellent guest greeters and often find a comfortable place at your front door or perhaps somewhere inside to keep the holiday spirit alive.

Each face is hand-painted and unique, often with a personality all its own.

Please contact us with your specific project requirements.

We would be pleased to provide a free design and estimate for you.

Dimensions (inches): each 4 inches square x 12-48 inches tall


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