Wall Hanging – 2 Wolves – Hand Painted

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$55.00 CAD

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We make a variety of trivets, trays and boxes for any of your storage and organizational needs.

We also make wall hangings that are often hand-painted.

The ash wood is the feature in this piece with the bark left on for a more natural feel.

We can hand paint things on them and also have access to laser engraving for those of you who need branding or something more complex.

This particular wall hanging features two hand-painted wolves, presumably howling at the moon.

Insert sound effect here...

All our wall hangings come with an integrated hanging mechanism on the back that allows for flush mounting on just about any wall.

Please contact us with your specific project requirements.

We would be pleased to provide a free design and estimate for you.

Dimensions (inches):  12H x 10W x 1D


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