Toy Box – Spalted Wormy Maple and Walnut


$1,250.00 CAD

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Toy boxes don’t have to be junky looking.

This customer requested a ‘piece of furniture’ that went with their interior but just happened to be suitable for holding their grandkids’ clutter.

We like to deliver, so we gave them a dynamic, modern design that features warm wood tones.

The base is made from walnut and lifts the box off the ground giving life to the illusion that the box is floating.

The box itself is made from spalted wormy maple and features an aromatic cedar lining on the bottom inside so that the box will always smell wonderful.

The lid features two slow close mechanisms that ensure the safety of little fingers.

Because we knew where the toy box was going to be located within the home we decided to tie the design of the box closely with the things that were going to surround it, including the wrought iron railing behind the box.  The custom “H” shape on the front of the box was taken from a pencil sketch we did and converted into a steel plate that we had cut on a plasma cutter.  It was treated with a matte black finish and discretely mounted to the box.

We couldn’t be happier with the results.

Let us know if you want to play with a box!

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Dimensions (inches):  42L x 20D x 22H


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