Table – Coffee – Walnut Epoxy River Table


$5,750.00 CAD

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This exquisite combination of live edge walnut wood and jet black epoxy is a look that is refined and beautiful in its depth.

The two live edge walnut slabs are 2 inches thick and feature incredible colour and tone in the sapwood (outer layers) and heartwood (interior).  With it, we get light and dark.

The epoxy river was achieved in a single pour and is wet sanded to 1500 grit.

It looks like glass.

We always install stabilizing bars on the underside of a table this size to ensure there is no warping or cupping of the boards.

The table base was fashioned from six cast-iron cold air returns that we had welded together.

We had the base sandblasted and powder coated to bring them back to their original beauty.

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Dimensions (inches):  72L x 42W x 20H


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