Table – Coffee - Skids


$725.00 CAD

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A friend of ours bought into our business model early.

Save as much stuff as you can from landfills.

This particular friend worked for a company that often had items delivered on skids from all over the world.  Sadly, the company saw no value in the skids and would most often throw them out or allow employees to take them home to burn.

We thought that was a shame.

So we were only too happy to start making cool stuff out of those skids.

Meet the skid coffee table.

It’s slatted, just like a skid.

It’s a little more refined because we decided to plane and sand the material.

Its top is a deep Indian redwood colour and as hard as a rock.

The lower shelf is also skid material and much lighter in terms of colour.

Both are durable hardwood surfaces.

The legs and frame are constructed from ¾” cast iron pipe for a modern industrial look.

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Dimensions (inches):  32L x 32W x 20H


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