Table Base – Driftwood Round – 60 inch round glass top


$2,300.00 CAD

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This table base is actually 5 different pieces of petrified cedar that we salvaged from a local farm.

Our understanding is that local farmers would often pull root bases from sections of the field they were clearing and simply put the root base off to the side of the field.  It was easier than burning or burying it.

We were able to recover dozens of these pieces that were very rough, to begin with.  They were mossy and often had ants hiding out in them.

We stripped the loose material, getting rid of any homes for ants and used a wire brush attachment on a drill to remove the moss and debris from the outer surfaces.

From there we assembled the individual pieces to form a cohesive base for our glass top.

Like barn board, this material truly comes to life when you clear coat it.  Rich, deep, earthy tones are brought out and sealed in for protection.

We simply can’t beat what nature does all on her own.

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Dimensions (inches):  

Table Top (glass): 60 inches round x 3/8 inch thick

Table Base: 48L x 48W x 29.5H


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