Sewing Machine Table – Singer - Refurbished


$325.00 CAD

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Sometimes we find items that simply need to be refinished.

Singer sewing machines remain in high demand and are becoming increasingly difficult to find in good condition.

In this case, all the drawers were intact, which typically isn’t the case, given the drawers have about as much value as the table itself.  We did have to hand-make one of the knobs…but hopefully, you can’t tell which one.

While not in working condition, all the parts of the table are there, including the original sewing machine.

Originally we were contracted to build a custom top for this piece (from locally sourced barn board) but when the customer came and looked at the piece in person we decided it would be a shame to change the nature of the original design.

So, because we are flexible, we simply cleaned up the table, buffing and waxing the wood, and cleaning up the cast iron.

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Dimensions (inches) :  30L x 18W  x 30H


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