Pine and Maple Stump Bench or Planter Stand


$979.00 CAD


The material for this piece was salvaged from the forest floor during one of many four-wheeling adventures I take in the summer. It was apparent that the middle of the log used for the base was rotten inside so I decided chopping it in half with a chainsaw might reveal something interesting. The middle has been chiseled out and then sanded to perfection. The outer layer, with the bark, very carefully removed, exposes an exciting display of bug activity that simply required a clear coat.

The top is spalted maple that again had significant bug activity in it when I found it. Every hole, nook, and cranny has been cleaned out with a Dremel and sanded.

This piece has both rustic and modern style. It is warm and weighty but small enough to be a planter stand if that's what you decide to use it for.

Great for indoors or out!

Dimensions (inches): 30L x 13W x 19H

Because of this items size and weight, custom shipping will be tailored to the buyer's needs. Please convo me to determine exact shipping costs.


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