Maple Stump Stool, End Table or Plant Holder #2


$279.00 CAD


I found this piece of wood in the ditch near where I run. The timing or its rescue couldn't have been better. I'm always blown away by what nature does all on its very own...and I'm happy to do what I can do to further reveal its beauty.

The bark was removed to reveal deep, rich tones that only spalting can provide. IĀ use a variety of chisels to remove material, then various sanding attachments on a drill or Dremel and then its time for the hand sand and clear coat.

This is a simple and warm addition to any room.
I use them myself as side tables, perfect for drinks or snacks.
They can be used as stools, perfect for indoors or outdoors.
They make exquisite plant holder.
Add a piece of round, beveled glass for an absolute masterpiece!

Dimensions (inches): 12.5L x 10.5W x 21H


Coming soon...