Maple and Cocobola Spalted Stump Side Table


$868.00 CAD


This piece is slight in some ways and substantial in others. The back of the piece provides the bulk of the weight and is supported by two slender and sweeping front legs.

I see this being a side table or phone table, perfect for an entrance or ready to be a featured piece in any room. It is fairly wide but narrow in depth so great for hallways.

The 'stump' side of this piece was buried in the forest floor and was revealed by removing the material with old-world tools such as an adze. The legs are the side of the stump that stayed out of the ground and show a nice maple grain. The more classic or modern tabletop itself is made of a combination of cocobola, a rich, dense and dark wood, and a worm maple that sets a nice contrast.

Dimensions (inches): 24L x 17W x 36H

Because of this items size and weight, custom shipping will be tailored to the buyer's needs. Please convo me to determine exact shipping costs.


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