Custom Pine and Maple Toronto Maple Leaf Children's Hockey Bed


$2,797.00 CAD


This unique, one of a kind children's themed bed has it all. The striking custom paint job really makes this a dynamic piece. It is bold and colorful. It is Toronto Maple Leaf themed but I have no comment on that choice:-) given I'm one of the afflicted.

The headboard is a life-size net complete with extreme custom paint, plenty of storage and a couple hiding spots to boot! The frame is designed to be held up by a couple of giant hockey sticks. The footboard is custom cut Maple Leaf and hockey puck theme. The steps are not attached, so might be useful elsewhere, and were made from a recycled dishwasher top. There are also safety railings for young kids that are easily removed when they get a little bigger.

This piece is very strong and'll last a lifetime....but I'm pretty sure you're kid will need something a little less stylish when they get to be teenagers?!

I'm always happy to design and build a custom item made to your exact specifications. Please convo me with your specific request.

Dimensions (inches): 99L x 51W x 47H

Because of this items size and weight, custom shipping will be tailored to the buyer's needs. Please convo me to determine exact shipping costs.


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