Coat Tree – Interior Design


$375.00 CAD

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We built a custom closet organizer for this customer.

And while we were there they asked for an additional ‘coat tree’ that could be used in dead space behind their front door.

We decided to use a real tree.  It’s cedar.  And the branches are all hand shaped and spaced strategically to allow for storage according to the customer’s needs.

The base was constructed to allow for airflow from the heat register in the floor.  This served a dual purpose, in that it was important not to block the register and the heat could be used to dry items hung on the coat tree itself.

We decided to do a floor to ceiling design to give the illusion that the tree may have grown beyond the limit of the ceiling.

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Dimensions (inches) :  12 inches around at the base x 5 inches round at the trunk  x 96H


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