Bedroom Suite - Rustic – Keswick


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All the pieces for this bedroom suite were made from locally sourced barn material.

The fact is, we recover barns…because we love the material so much.

The headboard is supported by true 4x4’s giving a nice weight to the project…and features ‘greyboard’ in a chevron design.  We bevelled the edges slightly to create a nice contrast dividing each board.  Clear coating with water-based polyurethane never disappoints in terms of bringing out the natural beauty in the wood.

The combination dresser features two doors and two drawers.  The doors feature slow close hinges and the drawers utilize cost-effective European slides.  The interior panels of the doors are mahogany plywood, the dresser if faced with ‘greyboard’ aka barn board, and the top is solid ash wood stained with a Goudey walnut stain.  Everything is clear-coated with water-based polyurethane for many years of lasting protection.

The four drawer dresser shares it’s style, materials and colour with the combination dresser.

The bedside tables have similar material and look to the other pieces.  They also feature ¾” iron pipe legs that bring a bit of an industrial look into an otherwise quite rustic design.  What’s great about these legs is that they are fully adjustable for those of you who have less than level floors in your homes.

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Dimensions: (inches)

Side Tables (each): 28H x 22W x 18D

Combination Dresser:  54H x 30W x 20D

Four Drawer Dresser:  54H x 30W x 20D

Headboard: 60L x 52W x 4D


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