Stairs – Bradford

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Stairs are typically designed for safety and ease of use.

This customer contacted us when their parent slipped and fell down the stairs.

In this situation, the stairs were quite steep and the surrounding structure and services (plumbing and electrical) didn’t allow for a re-design.

So, we did everything we could to provide additional safety for future use.

We added an extra step to minimize the rise of each stair, making it safer and easier to get up and down the stairs.

We secured a railing from the very top to the bottom of the stairs, providing assistance throughout the use of the stairs.

We also installed grip tape on every tread to prevent slipping.

The stairs and railing are stained Walnut Brown in Goudey stain and protected with water-based polyurethane.

The wainscoting and other details are antique white, providing a bold contrast.

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Dimensions: 7 steps – 30 inches wide


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