Stairs – 75 steps down hillside Cottage Life

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Going for a swim at the cottage is sometimes harder than you think.

In this case, we constructed a stair system that worked with the surroundings and provided a safe and functional way for people to get from the hilltop to the waterfront.

Multiple landings were integrated into the design to allow for resting points for the elderly clients and safe areas for those going up or down to pass one another.

The structure was reinforced by building into existing rocks.

A retaining wall was also integrated into one of the landings to limit soil erosion on the hillside.

A temporary landing was installed onto the dock so that repairs could be made to it at a later date.

All materials are pressure treated and all fasteners are galvanized to avoid rust.

The railing design had a dual purpose: to strengthen the overall structure and to allow for grabbing points to assist climbers who are young and old.

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Dimensions: 75 steps – 36 inches wide with 5 landings and 1 bench


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