Hot Tub Shelter, Decks and Fences & Raised Garden Beds - Newmarket

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This project was a combination of new build and revitalization of current items.

The hot tub shelter was constructed using the original structure of a pergola that had fallen into disrepair.  The grey UV rated roof provides a unique shelter for the hot tub, keeping the rain off the owners but allowing natural light in, providing an open and airy feel.

We incorporated custom lattice into the shelter that spilled over into the fences throughout the property.

The existing fence was left intact.  We wrapped the posts to create a more substantial look and created custom latticework throughout that was loosely tree themed.

The gate was constructed for high traffic use given the homeowners used this passage for entry to their home.

The decks were constructed to create a variety of spaces that could be utilized by the homeowners in shade, semi-shade or full sunshine.

The raised garden planters were designed to delineate various areas within the front and side yards.  They were lined to eliminate weed infiltration and minimize ongoing maintenance requirements.  The cap for the side walls was made wide enough and high enough for the customer to sit on as required so that they didn’t have to kneel if they didn’t want to.

We are happy to worth in concert with landscape designers and contractors, providing wood products and accents where required.

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